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Update on lack of Home Office

Saturday 30 November 2013 at 06:26 am

It's been just over a year now since moving into the new house, and besides that whole 1 week I had in my own office space. Which I was promptly required to give-up because of plumbing and washing machines etc. I still don't have my own "Office" space.. It's gotten better in the last month when we decided to split the 26ft long room into 2 and I claimed one half of that as my area.. but I can't really settle in because I know that soon/eventually the builders will be coming in to remove one of the stone walls, then we can move the Kitchen within the house and I'll FINALLY get my own space again.. unless we suddenly need a 3rd bedroom or something.. then I'll be space-less again.

But meh, that's how it goes isn't it?

Works been.. well all over the place with it coming all at once then nothing, This last stint of nothing lasted a bit longer than I was comfortable with in all honesty. But it also gave me time to purely mess around again, and from that a few fun projects came along that I don't really have any intention of continuing but.. It's lead to some other concepts which I might just knock-up and do something with.

We (Yes.. a We finally, So far 3 of us) have an idea for a physical project and I'm actually looking forward to sharing this one once we make a prototype/concept piece.

I also feel this site is looking very dated.. should probably do something about that at some point.. but probably not.

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Landscaping Beginning

Monday 01 April 2013 at 2:09 pm

So.. for the past 4 weeks I’ve been driving K crazy by using the top shelf of the fridge door to break the dormancy of some Norwegian Spruce seeds. Which i hope to in the coming years (If they grow) plant in the place of the current tree’s on my property to improve the wind break.

Also K’s planted this years herbs and has them growing within our Glass Porch and the pea’s etc. have all been outside for weeks now.

So it’s a good beginning to our first year in our fully own place, Hopefully get a potting shed/green house before the next year.. and maybe build some decent growing boxes.. If we have the cash after this years construction work.


Spruce Seeding Trays.. should see some sort of activity within a few weeks on these.. then it’s slow going for a few years.

Some of the planting boxes, and two below the trestle.. Which will do until i build a more permanent raised growing box along this wall (South facing)

The tree’s I hope to replace.. Seem to be some sort of.. god knows, they have inedible berries though.

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New House

Friday 21 December 2012 at 4:10 pm

So, the past year has been kind of hectic and busy.. and personal.. And i never blogged about it.

To sum it up, G had his operation and his Right Kidney was removed. I had my Gallbladder removed months after this, We tried to buy a house and somehow got declined at the last stage. We then used a broker and managed to purchase a much older property (~180 years old, they think) which is in need of lots of TLC but which we love. So expect to see lots of entries about that in this coming year as we tackle sections ourselves.

I think this might do for an initial entry again, get the writing flowing once more...  Should probably add a few new Categories for the house too while I'm in here :}


New Year 2012

Tuesday 27 December 2011 at 08:02 am

So, With the new year coming in, and the family firmly settled in our new location. Its time to list the aims for the coming year.

Gallbladder removed.
G's Kidney removed (Yes i'm listing these, as both require a certain amount of travel off the island to get the operations)
Finish the design of the new Desk/Chair/Workspace and construct it
Include Motherboards etc into the design, removing the standard "Case"
Veggie Patch
Personal Fitness Levels.
This one is mainly due to the Gallstone problem, Really need to get on top of it.
We're actually looking at two atm, the cottage we're currently in and another in the local area.. But, that's the end goal.
I think i need to move the blog to a lower section of the website too. Its not something i actively do these days but Its also not something i want to remove.. So i think i'll create a new "Main" page for the site and have the blog as a sub. We shall see :)
I also want to create individual sections for my projects outwith the blog too.
I think i'll start to make initial changes in the coming days to the site.. and see how it pans out.
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New Life

Sunday 19 June 2011 at 3:04 pm

So I know my posts have been very sparse on here, What with mini status updates on facebook and in all honesty a quiet slow and peaceful life on the island. I haven't particularly had anything to say, Been fishing a few times and awaiting the summer arriving on the island.

I did take a few interesting shots the other night around 2am which i thought I'd share with the world.


Moved Away!

Wednesday 15 September 2010 at 8:01 pm

So it’s stopped being talk, We finally upped sticks and moved Northward to the Isle of Skye like we’ve been talking/dreaming about for the past 8 years or so.

Moving home is certainly stressful, and I’ll be completely and utterly honest. We were so not prepared for the amount of work that's involved. We kept thinking we were finished packing, only to find about 10 bags worth of items still to be packed. Thanks to some family help though we managed to get mostly done, We somehow forgot a few items and didn’t have time to put others outside for the trash, But we did make it to the island. And we’re got G settled and looking to get him into a school as soon as possible.

Was a nice drive up, and the views from the house… well lets just say Google Earth/Streetview does NOT do it justice at all.

On a personal level, I’ve noticed the move as actually did good things for me. Not really been here long, but for the past week or so I've had less problems with my throat that normal. So that's been a bonus!

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Three O

Wednesday 01 September 2010 at 01:58 am

So, during the recent celebration of my birth and the stark fact that I have begun my journey into my thirties. Someone asked i think jokingly “So what are you going to-do now that your no longer a kid.” I laughed it off, here i thought i stopped being a kid years and years ago… At the very latest at least when my own son was born, but it seems nope.

But the question seemed to stick in my head, I’m not exactly sure why. But i don’t really have that many things going on in my life, and in all honesty I’m actually pretty happy with it. I don’t work as much as “Normal” people do, but that's through choice because i don’t have any interest in working that amount. I’m classed as “Lazy” which i feel is unfair over, sure I’m not your most active person (understatement) but if i have something to-do. I do it. Just the whole concept of “Normal” working outs irks me, i have no interest in it. Give me some room and let me provide for my own family myself, Don’t expect me to sit somewhere for 8 to 12 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. It doesn’t work for me, i can’t live like that.  Throw in living and dealing with a child with a disability, and neighbours who can spend 4 or 5 days a week fighting from 10pm right through to 5am, then ask that person to try and work a normal job. See how long it takes for them to snap Winking smile

Either way, I’m happy with my life and once we move house. Which we will be very very soon, I’m sure it will only get better

These were all initial thoughts of mines to the original question, and yes i internally answered it with the above. But really it doesn’t come over as an answer, it comes over as a bunch of excuses. Why am i making excuses? So the stark and honest answer to this is:

“I’m going to continue my life the way i have been, I’m going to finish my degree’s and then I’ll probably continue on exactly as i am. Why? Because i enjoy it, I’d be a liar if i said that i wouldn’t like a bit more work or to be working on some sort of lasting legacy. But the work will come when it comes, and i already have my legacy”

If they’d asked what i wanted to do in the next 10 years, I’d have been an easier answer

  • Finish Degree/Degree’s
  • Move out of Central Belt
  • Start providing family with our own food/energy
  • Actually finish this blog design
  • Get married finally

Just some basic things I will have done, maybe kick about the idea of having more children

Hopefully this gives an insight into me from this view, but if its not been glaringly obvious. Money or wealth holds absolutely no interest to me. Just about every one of my happiest memories in life happened when i was living below or on the poverty line.

and to finish it even though the post is after my birthday, “Happy birthday sis”


Monitor Problems

Sunday 25 July 2010 at 6:18 pm

So, my third monitor has started to fail. It seems the back light on it starting to give out. Usual clues, Colours starting to fade/merge and just general brightness going.

Normally I’d either try to replace/repair the backlight myself, or just replace the monitor. But with the impending possible house move soon I really don’t want to be spending any extra cash. So i guessed my only solution i had at the moment was to post to my blog in frustration, which i have now done Smile with tongue out

Naa the monitor has served me well actually. had it for around 7 years now myself, and before that it was in a Workshop for god knows how long, so i really can’t complain. I’ll just continue to use it until it becomes completely unusable or if the move goes ahead before it dies completely I’ll repair it. Or maybe even replace, I think i could be doing with a new one.. or two..